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Viking Lust 3 (The King’s Breeding Ritual)

After being safely transported to a secret location, Princess Colby awaits the return of her feral Viking lover. But, during a hushed conversation with a female captive, she learns the true intent of the Nordic tribesmen. What she discovers will alter the course of her life - forever...

Viking Lust 3 (The King's Breeding Ritual)

Because of this news, his sudden appearance is both thrilling and terrifying to her. Desperate to know her fate for certain, she confronts the dark marauder about his motives.

His confession stuns her but curiously, presents her with the choice of a lifetime. That choice will forever seal the fate of her tortured, passionate love for the man who has turned her world upside down.

Will she reluctantly comply with what fate has presented to her or will she resist her deep need to submit to him until the end?

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WARNING: This 5,800+ word story features graphic scenes of impregnation, bondage and rough sex. All participants in this title are 18 years of age or older.

An Excerpt from the Book:

Yes, she hated the idea of uppföda. Or… did she? Things weren’t clear now. The anger, rage and fear she had felt about it were being pummeled from her consciousness. Instead, white hot pleasure-filled chants took their place in her mind. She thought that if this was what the ritual was meant to be, then perhaps she could reconsider.

While those thoughts danced randomly in her head, the King continued his artful assault on her womanhood. His tongue laced her with bud with hot, teasing flicks only to be followed by deep, hard suckling of her entire mound. But it wasn’t enough for her. She desired to put her entire being into his rapacious orifice and offer him the very sweetest of her feminine honey.

He groaned in acknowledgement of her need and stepped up his intensity. Her scent filled the small space between them and like a rutting animal he began to deepen his assault on her aching sex. It seemed as though every part of his mouth sunk into her at once. For minutes, he continued his rhythmic buildup and progressively drove her closer to her surrender.

As the seconds passed the Princess became aware that she had been steadily gyrating against the scratchy restraints. She looked up in shock to see that her wrists glowed bright pink as the friction of her desire had dulled her sense of pain. Then, another realization hit her. It was a much more urgent one and it throttled her back to awareness of what was occurring between her thighs.

She was soon to deliver the King his reward and chanted, “Aaahhhhh, ahhhhhhh, ahhhhh, ahhhhh…” The King simply grunted in response and suckled her heat with carnal, wild lust.

The Princess pulled tight and fast against the coarse bindings. Her body began to quake and buck against his smoldering hot lips and wet, acrobatic tongue. All it once, it hit her like a great rush of fire sweeping across a tinder dry field. From deep within her emerged a deep guttural moan and in the very next breath, she could feel the rich flood of her womanhood emerge.

“Ohhh! Unnhh… Y…Ye…Yes. Yes! Yes! Yes!!! Yeeessss!!! Yeeeessssssss!!!!!” she cried out into the damp night air.

The King brought the full weight of his determination against her mound as she collided into him with tremors of ectasy. Her body bowed and flexed against the ropes in a tantalizing dance of pain and pleasure. Princess Colby’s mind was but a cloudy haze of delight and as the waves of pleasure began to recede, she lifted her head to see the King’s greatest weapon poised to deliver her the uppföda he had promised.

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Gabrielle Renee (G.R.) Demonico is a full-time fiction writer who is dedicated to providing her readers with decadent erotic fiction for their enjoyment and pleasure. You can find her titles for sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords or iTunes.