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Tattoo Parlor Tryst – The Collection

The Tattoo Parlor Tryst Collection contains three sizzling stories that are so steamy, your e-reader could melt!

Tattoo Parlor Tryst - The Collection

Title #1 – Tattoo Parlor Tryst

Carly had always played by the rules. A hard worker and a dutiful wife, she’d resigned herself to living a sexually mediocre existence. However, all of that ended when she and her husband recently separated. What’s worse, she now finds herself on the receiving end of surprise divorce papers!

Undaunted, she’s decided once and for all that she deserves to live the life she wants. And, what to better symbolize that newfound zest for life than with a tattoo? After all, she’s got nothing to lose anymore – or so she thinks. That is, until she meets the smoking hot owner of her local ink shop, Mitch.

Will Carly’s years of frustrated sexual desire be her undoing in Mitch’s skilled hands?

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WARNING: This 4,100 word story contains hot oral sex, fingering, a horny former housewife and steamy sex that may be too much to handle!

Title #2 – Tattoo Parlor Tryst 2 (Gangbang Awakening)

Carly is back and ready for Mitch to complete what he started. She can’t wait for him to fill her completely once and for all – her unfinished tattoo that is.

But, Carly gets more than she’s bargained for this time. The normally talented, creative and super hot Mitch is having trouble getting the colors just right.

To solve the problem, he asks a bunch of his hunky fellow tattoo artists to come in and help with the filling of Carly. She’s eager to finish and ready to get their input – in more ways than one.

Will Carly finally get her tattoo completed this time? Or, will she become distracted by everything else penetrating her once again?

Don’t miss this thrilling sequel!

WARNING: This 5,100 word story contains deep throated oral gratification, a sex starved divorcee triple teaming hot young studs and a steamy DP that will leave you gasping!

Title #3 – Tattoo Parlor Tryst 3 (Ménage Delights)

Carly’s done it again…The last time she visited Mitch’s place to have her tattoo finished, she wound up getting everything else filled EXCEPT her tattoo’s colors!

This time though she’s got her sexy friend Denise by her side to keep her focused. However, even though she’s determined to complete the tat, she’s feeling adventurous. And Denise looks cute today – really cute.

Normally Carly isn’t attracted to women at all but once the vibrations from Mitch’s hand piece take hold, she finds herself secretly lustingfor her busty gal pal.

Will Carly act on her desires towards Denise? Will Mitch find himself needing to fill these ladies with more than just ink?

And what, oh what, will be the fate of Carly’s long neglected tattoo?

All is revealed within!

WARNING:This 5,350 word story contains first time lesbian sex, a MFF threesome and oral gratification that will singe your fingertips!

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Gabrielle Renee (G.R.) Demonico is a full-time fiction writer who is dedicated to providing her readers with decadent erotic fiction for their enjoyment and pleasure. You can find her titles for sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords or iTunes.