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Naughty Nanny 2 – Bred and Kept

Mark Adams and his gorgeous nineteen year old babysitter Jasmine Snow now find themselves in the midst of a torrid sexual affair. The two simply can't keep their hands off one another and Jasmine's love for him consumes her. But, there's just one small problem...

Naughty Nanny 2

Just as their shared ecstasy seems to know no limits, Jasmine reveals that she has yet another secret to confess to Mark. And, this one, could mean the end… When the petite bombshell first hints at the news, Mark is left dumbfounded and can’t imagine what it could be.

What will he do to his naughty nanny when he finally learns the truth about what the sexy vixen has kept hidden from him?

Learn the truth within!

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WARNING: This 4,900+ word story contains graphic scenes of intense oral gratification, barebacking, repeated breeding/scenes of impregnation. All participants in this title are 18 years of age or older.

An Excerpt from the Book:

The events leading up to this moment had already gotten me excited. After she’d removed my clothes, she turned her attention back towards my dick and licked her lips at the sight of a thin coating of precum which had oozed from the tip.

She purred, “Is that for me?”

I nodded.

She smiled widely and then sat up for a moment. She reached down and slowly pulled her stretch tee off. She tossed her garment aside and I looked up to see her breasts barely restrained by her delicate lace bra. They looked so big, full and voluptuous. She gazed down upon me and reached around behind her back. As she unfastened her bra, I reached up underneath to feel her engorged globes. Her nipples were hard and swollen to the touch as I squeezed them. She groaned and her head fell heavily backwards when I took them into my hands.

She moaned, “Ohhhhhh, ohhhhh… My tits are so tender. God, please squeeze them harder. It feels so incredible…”

Of course I was more than happy to assist. Her undergarment fell away and I massaged her ample tits while she wriggled and cooed in my grasp. As she writhed about, she reached down towards my turgid meat. Her comparatively tiny hands wrapped around the swollen tip and she squeezed my wetness out. After it emerged, she used it to slick her grip and began to jerk my cock slowly up and down.

I threw my head back, closed my eyes and moaned lowly. A few seconds later, I could feel her moving down towards my pulsing member. As she descended, I released her tits, moved my fingers into her hair and grabbed two fistfuls of it. In one second I could feel her her warm, swollen breasts press against my inner thighs and then the very next, her needy, hot mouth wrapped fully around my cock. She plunged me within her orifice in a single stroke.

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About Gabrielle Demonico

Gabrielle Renee (G.R.) Demonico is a full-time fiction writer who is dedicated to providing her readers with decadent erotic fiction for their enjoyment and pleasure. You can find her titles for sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords or iTunes.