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Honey for the Bears (Troubled Fork Shifters 1)

When Honey Thompson moved to Troubled Fork, the sassy curvy girl should have known better... The town was named that for a reason.

Honey for the Bears

Normally a peaceful place, the Fork has been besieged by bear attacks in recent weeks. Residents are terrified and the lifeblood of the town, tourism, has all but dried up. Desperate, the Mayor has demanded that the problem be fixed, or else.

The man is charge of getting it under control is Brock Walters. A bear of man himself, he’s as sexy as they come. Tongues wag wherever he goes and four alarm panty fires are not at all uncommon when he’s around. He is, ironically enough, Captain of the Troubled Fork Fire Department.

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When an unexpected encounter brings Honey and Captain Hot Buns together, that’s when all hell breaks loose. Before long, Troubled Fork is up to its collective eyeballs in shifters, curses and other assorted mayhem. But mysteries have a way of deepening and this one more than most, much more than anyone even suspects.

As for Brock, well… he soon finds out that he has his hands full with not just the case but Honey’s silhouette also. In the midst of it all, Honey is confronted with a choice that will change not only her fate but that of every shifter in the Fork, forever.

An Excerpt from the Book:

The volume bars filled the television screen and the women looked on as a burly, broad shouldered man made his way towards a podium through a crush of official-looking people. Lightning-like camera flashes flooded the proceedings and shadowed his every step as he moved.

After a few barely audible excuse me’s and coming through’s he made his way to the front of the assembled throng. He shuffled a bit of paper, cleared his throat, looked into the camera and began to speak…

“Thank you all for coming…” he said.

Almost as soon as he uttered the last sound, an anonymous voice from the crowd shouted, “Mister Walters! Mister Walters! What is the status of the latest victim?”

Brock Walters, Captain of the Troubled Fork Fire and Rescue Department, raised two large hands upwards and said, “Everyone… everyone… let’s calm down. Please. Look, I know that tensions are running high. All I ask is that you give me an opportunity to present the facts as we know them and then I am more than willing to answer any questions you might have.”

“There? Satisfied?” Teresa said in a snarky tone as she raised the remote once again.

“No… Can we please just watch for a minute? These bear attacks are a big deal Teresa.” Honey replied.

“Oh, spare me Honey. You don’t give two shits about this stuff. The only thing you care about is Captain Hot Buns up there…”

“Teresa, as far as I can recall, this is my television we are watching… Remember?”

“Yeah, so?”

“So, if you want to watch something else, go to your bedroom… Otherwise, be quiet!

Honey was a responsible, concerned citizen but there was no denying that there was truth behind what Teresa said. Brock Walters was as hot as anything she’d ever laid her eyes on. Before moving to Troubled Fork six months ago, she’d never seen a man that looked anything like him. But, after seeing him, she couldn’t imagine looking at any man the same way again.

Tall? Check…

Dark? Check…

Handsome? Check…

He was the Bermuda Triangle of sexiness.

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Gabrielle Renee (G.R.) Demonico is a full-time fiction writer who is dedicated to providing her readers with decadent erotic fiction for their enjoyment and pleasure. You can find her titles for sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords or iTunes.