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Dark Elf’s Breeding Bargain

Lifelong friends Lacey and Vanessa are on a "girls only" getaway to the lush Scottish Highlands. But, after wandering off on a hike to see the ancient druid ruins of Myrin, the nubile young humans find themselves running out of daylight fast. Unfortunately, fading light is the least of the sexy duo's problems...

Dark Elf's Breeding Bargain

Everyone knew the legend but no one thought it was true – there were no such things as Elves. Little did they realize that Myrin was still very much in use and for a purpose they could never have imagined…

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They’re quickly captured and subjected to deviant, pleasure-filled rituals the likes of which they could never dreamed they would witness. Worse yet, as the only virgin, Lacey is highly prized by the handsome, dark captors. Soon, she is presented with a horrible choice that will put her virginity, and her very future, in jeopardy…

WARNING: This 9,400+ word story features graphic scenes of impregnation, masturbation, bondage, reluctant and rough sex. All participants in this title are 18 years of age or older.

An Excerpt from the Book:

As he finished speaking, a great rumble of deafening noise bellowed from the mezzanine. The Elves clapped their hands and stomped their feet in appreciation of Dafci’s words. While it reached a crescendo, Lacey’s attention was once again drawn back towards the stone. She looked down in wonder at Dafci’s naked torso and then again, in awe, as a dark horn of ancient ritual rose up between his thighs.

The young woman looked up at him, helpless but eager to fulfill her destiny as his broodmare. The other female bucked and yanked the chain restraints which held her, desperate to prevent the events that unfolded. The crowd noise subsided and was replaced by her lonely cries of anguish. Lacey looked on in complete bewilderment. And as ashamed as she was to admit it, a growing desire to see what would happen next was swelling up within her.

Hypnotized, Lacey was only half aware of Arizek as leaned in and explained, “Do not concern yourself with the one in sorrow for she is in the midst of the madness. With time, it shall pass.”

Lacey watched as the deranged woman pulled hard against the steely cuffs that corralled her hands and feet. She noticed delicate trickles of blood meandering down her arms as evidence of the intensity of her effort. Sickened, Lacey turned away and said somberly to Arizek, “What is the madness?”

Arizek did not try to comfort or console her. Instead, he grabbed her arm and said, “You must watch, my sweet.”

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About Gabrielle Demonico

Gabrielle Renee (G.R.) Demonico is a full-time fiction writer who is dedicated to providing her readers with decadent erotic fiction for their enjoyment and pleasure. You can find her titles for sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords or iTunes.