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Barebacked by Wolves – Bred to the Alpha

Lilly Grayson's sexy new boss, Declan Huxley, is rich, good looking and powerful but he also has a secret - a deep, dark secret...

Barebacked by Wolves - Bred to the Alpha

The mysterious entrepreneur was recently injured when he traveling on business. While he recuperates, Lilly stays at his home and acts as his liaison between his office and his sprawling estate.

A shocking turn of events results in a night of wild, unexpected and uninhibited sex that makes her want to howl with pleasure. But, what will Lilly do when she discovers the truth about who he really is and what he wants from her?

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The truth will shake Lilly to her core…

WARNING: This 8,000+ word story contains graphic scenes of masturbation, oral sex, rough sex, reluctant first time werewolf mating and more. All participants in this title are 18 years of age or older.

An Excerpt from the Book:

Lilly’s pulse began to race even more. She tried to conceal her escalating feelings of fright and lust. She could feel his body change beneath the touch of her fingers. The temperature of his skin increased, his pulse accelerated and she suddenly had the sensation that he was about to release a firestorm of unrestrained savagery upon her.

She was giving in to the danger and reaping the rewards in her slickened core. Her entire body radiated with primal heat as if compelled by him. The aroma which drifted up from his sculpted body was a heady mix of musk, sweat and yes, blood. As much as she was disgusted by the thought of it, the injury to this mighty man made her desperately wet. She could see his skin beginning to glisten under the soft glow of the pale, full moon outside.

To her shock, the thought of tasting him shot to the forefront of her mind. Without thinking and in imminent danger, she bent forwards over him. Lilly’s lips parted slightly as she descended towards the space between his ear and shoulder blade. Quickly, and with as much tenderness she could muster, she placed a soft, perfectly wet kiss on him not certain at all what sort of fury, or fire, this might unleash from him.

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About Gabrielle Demonico

Gabrielle Renee (G.R.) Demonico is a full-time fiction writer who is dedicated to providing her readers with decadent erotic fiction for their enjoyment and pleasure. You can find her titles for sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords or iTunes.